February 2010

As the title implies, today is my first day on simply filling. Things are going fairly well. The only hiccup was that I decided to try to eat up some of my Progresso soups in my pantry and thought that minestrone soup would be a filling food. I realized when I poured out the can that there was pasta and potatoes in there. Ugh. So I’ve tracked the points and moved on.

Otherwise, the day is looking like this:

B: Cream of wheat made with soy milk/cinnamon/splenda

L: Progresso minestrone soup (2)/handfull of grapes

I’m thinking a snack of cottage cheese with crushed pineapple. We make our dinner menus on Saturdays so we are supposed to have grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta, and peas for dinner.

All in all, things are going okay. I’m still feeling things out, but its going fairly well.

I’m a little anxious about how to count the cottage cheese. My store didn’t have non-fat cottage cheese, but had 1% fat cottage cheese that was made with non-fat milk? It’s a little confusing. I’m thinking of just counting it like fat-free and then trying to find non-fat at the grocery store later in the week.

Eventually, I hope to have these things figured out!


So, the day is just about done–time to update you on day one!

After lunch… I should have had a snack, but didn’t and was starving by dinner.

D: 1/2 chicken breast (they were beasts)/whole wheat rotini/corn and lima blend

S: low-fat ice cream sandwich (2)

My total points usage today is 5. Not too shabby for my first day!

In trying to plan out my day tomorrow, I’m planning on:

B: Cheerios/soy milk/ banana

S: grapes/baby carrots

L: chicken/whole wheat rotini/corn and lima blend (all leftovers!)

S: cottage cheese with crushed pineapple (I’m going to have to count points for the cottage cheese this week 😦 as the grocery store didn’t have any fat-free. Ugh.)

D: burgers and fries is what we have on the schedule–I’m planning on mixing ground turkey with onion soup mix for my burger while Mr. K will have his high fat beef ones that he loves. I need to check my materials to see if I can have potatoes and pasta in the same day. I think there is a restriction.

Anyway, we’re watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics so I’m going to sign off! Have a great Monday, folks!


As of tomorrow, I am going to be switching from Weight Watchers Flex program to the Simply Filling program.

I’ve done a love a lot of thinking regarding this decision and feel that, overall, it’s the right thing to do at this point. I’ve been plateaued at or around this weight for months. Upon reflection I’ve realized that I’ve become too lax in my efforts and I need a change after nearly two years working the program. I’ve realized that I’ve been “cheating” without actually cheating by eating junk but staying within my points. So many reasons for a change. 🙂

At any rate, I’ve done my research and hope that I understand all of the guidelines regarding the plan. I’ve done my shopping and stocked my pantry and fridge. All I need is to start. I’m actually kind of excited to be starting a new journey on SF and to not be counting points for everything. I love that I can go out to eat and have a steak and a baked potato. That’s awesome!

I’m also going to be trying some new foods and recipes in the near future. Check back for reviews and my thoughts on this new journey!

So, I realize that this blog in itself is still very new, but other parts of my life need a bit of “revamping”. I feel like I’m in some sort of purgatory where I can’t go back, nor can I move forward.

Since moving in December, I have been struggling with getting back on track with my goals. While I still hit the gym at least three times a week, I’ve let my running program go by the wayside. It’s troubling as I REALLY want to run a 5K this spring.

Additionally, my weight has not changed substantially in months. I’ve been yo-yoing between 170 and 180 pounds for almost a year with one dip to 166 pounds. Its so upsetting to me that I’ve let myself get so out of control with my eating that despite my working out, I am still not losing.

I have been on WeightWatchers since April of 2008. They were kicking off an “At Work” program at the job I was at and I thought that there was no better time than now and signed up. I kept it a secret for a while except from my family and very close coworkers. I lost over 10% of my body weight and over 30 pounds.

And now, I’m stuck.

If I don’t see the scale move, I get frustrated and start eating out of control. I just want to beat the 170’s at this point. I want it, but at this point, I’m not even sure that I’m “committed” to it.

I know WW is a lifestyle choice and I have always treated it as such, but really, when do I know that enough is enough and just stop paying the monthly fee? I mean, I haven’t lost in over a year, that’s almost $500 seemingly wasted with nothing to show for it.

I’m just frustrated. I know this isn’t the end. I need to pick myself up and start weighing and counting points on everything that goes into my mouth. I need to stop being flexible with everything because, in the end, the only person I am hurting is me. I need to put in the time and effort in order to succeed.

I can do this. I can lose these last 20 pounds to be in a healthy weight range.

I can.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will keep myself on track with my eating and I will track everything that I put in my mouth.

I’m a work in progress and I am going to move forward past this roadblock and reach my goal!

Today, right now, I’m starting over.

Welcome to Day 1 of my new blog! To get the ball rolling here, I wanted to share a little bit about me as well as what I hope this blog will be about.

My name is Lauren and I am a 20-something girl, living in central PA. I am hoping to expand my writing horizons, so to speak, with a little bit of everything. I hope to write about what is going on in my world, my new-found love of cooking, my (not-so-new) love of baking (basically, if it has chocolate, I’m there!), my goal to run a 5K this spring, and my ultimate goal of shedding the last 20 pounds to reach a healthy weight range.

I hope that this blog is both an encouraging and real look at my daily struggles as well as my triumphs. Thanks for reading!

As all of us are probably aware, yesterday was Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day, etc.). Now, back when I was single, I always found a way to have a good time on Valentine’s Day. Let’s be serious though, I never had a “real” valentine until last year.

In order to make the day special, my super-awesome Dad would a) buy my mom and I roses and/or b) take us all out to dinner for the “big” day. So, while I didn’t have a traditional valentine, my dad tried to make it a special day to show our family how much he loves us. I always thought it was super sweet.

Otherwise, my mom would buy my brother and I each a card and other “treats”, either candy or a small gift.

When I was a teenager though, I remember dreading homeroom where they would pass out “candy-grams” or “flower-grams” on holidays. I hated being the only girl in the room without any flowers or candy. I think I even begged one of my friends to buy me one at some point so that I would have evidence that at least one person cared! Oh, the trials of adolescence!

At the present time, I have a wonderful boyfriend and needed to come up with a plan of attack for the holiday. We could not decide what we wanted to do and eventually settled on staying in and him cooking a delicious meal for me. (Yes, Ladies! He cooks too!) As he made dinner, I was to make dessert.

Seriously. Holy Chocolate! I found a recipe over at TastyKitchen.com for Molten Chocolate Cake. They are to die for! I made them with homemade whipped cream deliciousness.

So much for keeping to my strict eating plan, but was it ever good!

However, as to not have everything crazy high in calories, I surprised my boyfriend when he came home on Friday afternoon with these babies:

These are Valentine Funfetti cupcakes with whipped icing and conversation hearts. I decorated half of them with red sugar crystals as well. I thought they came out pretty cute in their heart-shaped tins! Also, the batter was made low calorie by substituting 12 ounces of diet sprite (I used regular store brand soda) for the eggs, oil and water that the mix called for. I thought they were delicious and my boyfriend couldn’t tell that they were any different than regular cupcakes.

All in all, yesterday was a great day spending time with my love!