March 2010

Right now, I am waiting. Mr. K and I took off yesterday afternoon to visit with his parents for the weekend. They live about 2 hours away from us, which is just about as far as I can take.

We live 2.5 hours from my parents, so it’s pretty equal in terms of time and distance.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’d like to live closer to our parents. The time from his parents house to mine is about an hour. Thankfully, they don’t live in separate directions.

So, now I’m waiting. Currently, I’m waiting for my mom to get here so that we can go shopping. If you’ve followed me on the boards you’ll know that I’m supposed to be deciding on what type of engagement ring I would like. I’m not entirely sure that I’d like a diamond (I’ll post why later on!), but I’m definitely jewelry challenged so I need to go to the jewelers and figure it out. Pretty exciting!

In other news, I made pumpkin bread on Thursday night. I needed to use up the two cups of pumpkin I had in the fridge. I found a recipe that someone had modified to make WW friendly. Each slice turned out to be 2 points per serving. It was amazing. I had Mr. K take the muffins I made from the batter to work and they were gone by 10 AM. We brought the slices of bread to his parents and it’s nearly gone. They are all raving about it. Definitely a victory AND… It’s relatively healthy and they don’t even know!



I switched back to counting points a week ago today. I realized with Easter coming up and trips the two weekends before the holiday that it wasn’t going to be possible to control where and what I eat these next couple weeks. I counted points like I did when I first got on program. I ate filling foods. I exercised. I TRACKED (and that hardly ever happens).

I’m honestly so proud of myself.

I’m also happy that I did Simply Filling when I did. It has helped me refocus on what I should be eating and not the processed crap that I may want to eat. Seriously, I chose fat-free cottage cheese and a banana over chocolate last night when I needed to finish my last four points. That would have never happened before!

Now, the numbers!:

Highest Weight: 208
BMI: 34 – Obese

WW Starting Weight (April 2008): 202.4
BMI: 33

Current Weight: 175
BMI: 28 – Overweight

Remember: A healthy BMI is 20-25. My healthy weight range according to my height is 124-155 pounds. I have 20 more pounds to go until I reach it!!!!

We are now firmly in my second week of Simply Filling. I don’t know that I should have put “firmly”, but alas, we are in the second week.

This past week at weigh-in, my weight was back down to 176.8 (not sure about the decimal, but you get the idea). I lost the 3.8 pounds I had gained the week before PLUS 0.2! Yay! It made me motivated to continue on!

The afternoon of my WI, Mr. K and I headed to the eastern part of the state to go skiing with one of Mr. K’s buddies from college. This was only my third time skiing and I mastered a very large hill with turns and whatnot. I am honestly so proud of myself. Mr. K was snowboarding and had to fight to keep up with me during the last run that we did. I would never have had the courage to do something like that 30 pounds ago. It’s amazing what the body can do!

After our snowy adventure, we needed to eat. I suggested a steakhouse because I thought we could find something both of us would like and I could try out SFT in the uncontrolled world outside of my house. I did okay, but not as great as I would have hoped. I chose to have chicken breasts, seasonal veggies, and mashed potatoes. I somehow managed to not get french fries, but was upset about the “fat” on the potatoes and veggies. I need to remember in the future to tell them that I want them dry. Live and learn!

Saturday we ended up meeting up with friends to see Alice in Wonderland. It was a great movie. Mr. K and I were going to meet our friends beforehand for dinner, but I thought we could save some cash by eating at home before we left. I made broccoli, couscous, and salmon. The salmon was amazing. Mr. K wasn’t as big of a fan (he isn’t a big fan of salmon… more of a whitefish sort of guy) and left about a third of his portion, but overall, I think it was a success. I even brought grapes into the theater instead of candy or popcorn.


Things started going downhill in a hurry on Saturday. My eating was a bit out of control. Brownies for breakfast at my parents house. Steak sandwich and fries for lunch. Lollipop. Chicken scampi with regular pasta for dinner. Probably throw more brownies in there. Ugh. A bit over the top.

Anyone see why I gained back 12 pounds living with my parents for 2 months this past summer?

Sunday was bad too though. A half of a waffle with cinnamon sugar, a slice of bacon, and 3 pieces of scrapple (delicious…) for breakfast. Yikes!

Mr. K and I traveled to see my college roomie in Baltimore for the day. It was gorgeous. We ate at Hard Rock in the Inner Harber. More junk food. Pulled pork sandwich with fries. Two potato skins. And we can’t forget the nachos from Sheetz on the drive home.

Wow. I’m happy the weekend is over!

Today itself wasn’t too horrible. Had a bit of a binge with oatmeal cookies.

I ATE SEVEN!!! In like 7 minutes. I feel so defeated about it.

Tomorrow is a new day though. And I can’t wait!

Today just feels like “BLAH”. It was my first day on my own for work. That went rather well and I finished one of my four assignments as well as half of another section. I did it in record time though so I took some time to prep dinner and whatnot. I also met with my supervisor and she ‘observed’ me for a while. Not too bad overall. Should have everything done by Friday.

Eating-wise things are fairly sucky. My log is as follows:

B: brownie (2)/banana
S: brownie
L: whole wheat rotini leftovers
S: 3 rocky road cookies (6) YIKES!
D: Turkey Chili made with SF foods/1 piece bread with olivio (2)/iced tea (4)
S: brownie (2)/grapes

Grand total of approximately 14 points. Guess I’m out of those for the week. Thank goodness I weigh in on Thursday!

Anyway, tonight I’m meeting up with someone I met through the boards for a movie. Mr. K is going to do work and I’m excited to get out!

Here’s to tomorrow being a better day on SF!

Not much to report here today. I gave in to the temptation of foods I would have ordinarily eaten when I was counting points, but I think that all-in-all, the day wasn’t a total wash.

Here’s my menu:

B: cheerios/plain soy milk/ banana

L (I was starving by lunchtime!): Savory Vegetable Barley soup/cottage cheese with crushed pineapple (1.5)

S (again, because I was starving): banana/ I also made brownies so I “licked” the bowl/corn and lima blend

I didn’t actually lick the bowl, but as a kid my mom let us have “lick-me’s” when she’d bake… It’s a habit now. Not even raw eggs and salmonella will stop me! Yikes!

D: turkey burger made with 93% lean ground turkey and onion soup mix/grapes/tater-tots (6)

I wasn’t planning on the tater-tots, but they sucked me in. I need to learn to not give in to what Mr. K has for dinner. I think overall though that I did well as I made up my own turkey burgers earlier whereas I used to simply eat his crazy high-fat beef ones.

I’m thinking about having a brownie (2-4) in a little bit. I made them with pureed black beans in place of the oil, eggs, and water. Mr. K sampled them while I was at kickboxing. Of course I didn’t tell him they were made with beans, but he said they were good and a little chewy. We’ll find out what that actually means in a little bit.

OH! Other news. While I was at the gym today, I signed up for their “Spring Challenge”. They log miles and how much activity you do and the top individuals win prizes. I’m super excited about it! They make a bulletin board and you can track your progress. I LOVE visuals like that. Hopefully it will be encouraging!