May 2010

First off: Happy  Memorial Day! I hope you all thanked a veteran or two for their service to our wonderful country and the preservation of our freedom.

In celebration of the holiday, Mr. K and I had a picnic with our parents and Mr. K’s sister. It was a humid 92 degrees. Needless to say, our hike never happened. It was just too unbearably hot. We all had a great afternoon though. Now… on to the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals! Woooo!

I hope you like the new layout of the site. I’m working out the “kinks” yet so please bear with me! As the first “themed” day, I selected “Menu Monday”.

Typically, Mr. K and I make up a weekly dinner menu on Sunday afternoons for the next Monday-Sunday. I feel that this keeps me on track and I can plan my day around what we will be having for dinner. It’s pretty awesome. Also, it ensures that our Sunday grocery store trips aren’t frivolous excursions to buy random food for the week. It’s awesome to not have to throw away food because we haven’t had a chance to make something with it/eat it before it spoils.

Onto the menu!

This week is an odd week as Mr. K and I are traveling to look at apartments in the greater DC area next weekend and the fact that today was a holiday. We only have three days to plan as it’s hard to say what we will be eating next Friday-Saturday-Sunday while we are out and about.

Here goes!:

Tuesday: leftover bratwurst on potato rolls with chips/veggies

Wednesday: asparagus stirf-ry/beef and broccoli stir-fry over brown rice

Thursday: salmon with whole wheat pasta and corn

On Friday and Saturday, I am aiming to eat a grilled lean meat and a veggie at each dinner. On Sunday, we are having homemade pot pie that Mr. K’s mom makes. It’s delicious (and I have no idea how to track points for it!).

Also, I’ve made an executive decision to switch back to Simply Filling on Thursday at my weigh-in. I feel that it helps me to “refocus” on more healthful eating. I’ve been struggling lately and I know it will help me get my but into gear.

A thought to leave you with:

“It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

(if you know the source, let me know!)


Things are looking a little brighter right now. I’m working hard to get a good amount of exercise in and not eat over my weeklies and AP’s this week. It’s been a struggle so far with the holiday weekend (and homemade ice cream!), but I am doing okay.

We are having a cookout tomorrow with my family and Mr. K’s. Should be fun. I made high-fiber pasta salad and I’m thinking of making a trifle with strawberries and whipped cream along with angel food cake or mini-cupcakes. I haven’t decided. My parents are bringing the veggie tray! I’m excited to see everyone and not have to travel. We’ve been traveling every weekend lately (for the last 2-3 months). It’s nice to just be at home for once!

I’ve been thinking about changing up my format for blogging. I haven’t had the chance to hash everything out, but hopefully it will help me keep up a little better and be more encouraging overall. Look for changes next week!

After such high hopes a month ago. I’ve fallen. Hard.

Not only have I fallen off the weight loss bandwagon, I’ve managed to gain about 6 pounds. I’ve lost my motivation and just overall feel like junk about myself.

I’ve finally gotten back to working out frequently instead of once or twice a week. I really love walking and walked to Mr. K’s work the other day. It’s been nice to get back to something I enjoy.

Things just seem so much harder right now. I think it just might be a combination of stress and depression that has made me lose interest in things I used to enjoy.

In the next month, I’m moving four hours away from my current home with Mr. K to my new job in the nation’s capital. I’m moving from small town to big city. I’m also possibly going to be living apart from Mr. K for at least a couple of months.

As a result, I’m eating my feelings.

Yes,I know it’s wrong.

I just can’t stop. I’ve talked to Mr. K who suggested that I exercise when I’m feeling overwhelmed, but when I’m overwhelmed and anxious, I just want to sleep and forget about it.

I’m thinking of switching to simply filling again. Maybe starting a week from tomorrow at my next weigh-in. I need to get back to eating “whole” foods and not processed garbage. The half jar of Nutella today probably wasn’t such a hot idea either.

I also am thinking about giving up artificial sweeteners. I don’t think they are healthy for my body and I’d prefer to give up things like that for the long run.

Any advice or words of encouragement are welcomed!