July 2010

Lots has been going on lately. Namely, Prince Charming and I got ourselves a kitten! We’ve named her Zoey and the vet seems to think she is about 10 weeks old (probably a little younger he said…. based on her teeth). She weighs 2.2 pounds and is quite a cuddly thing. She’s currently laying across my chest sleeping with her head in my lap. Silly girl!

And now the best part… Pictures!


I stayed home this evening even though I had plans to go into the nation’s capital and go to happy hour. I’m exhausted. I fell asleep at 10 PM last night and slept through to 6 AM. And I fell asleep for about 40 minutes at 5:50 tonight. I pried myself from my bed, but I’d much prefer being in there right now to watching Seinfeld reruns on one of my six TV channels.

I just don’t like Seinfeld. I found out last week that Prince Charming has a crazy love of the show. His friend told me. I had no idea and asked PC about it later on. His response was that he knows I don’t like the show so he never brought it up.

I just don’t think it’s funny.

I also don’t think it’s funny that I have barely any work to do at my new job. I hope it picks up soon. At least I have a meeting tomorrow and some training sessions next week.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well.

I was going to work out tonight, but as I said before, I’m absolutely exhausted. Ugh. Hopefully I have enough of a calorie deficit to show a loss this week. At least I know that I ate much better this week than last.

And only one binge–cookies that I tried to “lighten-up” using greek yogurt instead of oil.

I can’t win them all, I suppose.

I hit the scales at 188 pounds a week ago.

I was at 168.

It’s pretty frustrating to me as I knew the entire time I was overeating and consoling myself with food that I was sabotaging myself and my efforts to lose weight. I’m not going to make excuses about how I was under so much stress and blah-blah-blah. I’m going to work on forgiving myself and moving on. I committed to tracking this past week and ended up losing 0.8.

Better. Than. Nothing.

Or a gain.

So, this week I’m focusing on tracking but incorporating better food choices. So far, it’s going okay. On my limited funds (I haven’t gotten paid yet and my dad loaned me $20 to grocery shop), I have a cut up watermelon, some baby carrots, two peaches and two bananas. I also roasted some zucchini from my parents garden. Love me some zucchini! I’m hoping that with so much amazing produce around, I won’t be tempted my cookies (which I had a major 20+ point binge on last week).

In other news, I also started my new job since my last post. It’s been going well.

The commute sucks, but the job is great. I really feel like people listen to me and want me to do well.

Did I mention the PRIVATE office with a WINDOW?

It’s pretty sweet!

Now I’ll ask you: How do you get back on track after a gain (small or large)?

The much-anticipated move is over! We can all breathe again now that that ordeal is over.

I ended up packing up my things last Tuesday with PC and my Dad and leaving my “house” Wednesday morning just after PC left for work.

It. Was. Awful.

My heart was breaking the entire time. I bawled my eyes out for most of the 3+ hour drive.


I am okay.

My parents helped me get everything in once we all arrived and my Mom stayed until Thursday evening helping me set everything up. While the apartment still looks pretty spacious and empty, I know that once PC moves down here with me, we will probably need a bigger place. This means another move… awesome.

PC was able to come down Friday afternoon and spend the weekend with me. It was awesome. We went out with one of my friends from college and her boyfriend Friday night, spent Saturday venturing to IKEA, a food co-op, out to pizza for lunch, Trader Joe’s (it was PC’s first time!) and some other random places. We came home and cooked dinner and then headed to a bowling alley for a bit.

Oh. My. G. This was the nicest bowling alley of my life. Seriously. There are no words really. We had a server on our lane and there was a menu. And there were projection screens at the end of the lanes with tv and music videos playing. It was AMAZING. Really.

For the Fourth of July, we headed over to a friend’s for a BBQ. Unfortunately, it was a miserable experience. We got there at 2 and didn’t eat until 5:15. I was starving. PC was unhappy. I was begging for food by then. And I was cranky. It’s a general trend with me that when I don’t eat like that I get cranky. Maybe due to low blood sugar or something?

But we ended up eating a crazy spread…. which ended up making both PC and me sick.

I guess it’s good that we ate and ran. Sheesh.

We headed back to our new apartment and decided to explore. We found a movie theater down the road and took in Toy Story 3. So cute! Made me tear up at the end!

We were then going to see some fireworks, but decided against it. Wii bowled instead and spent a nice evening in.

All-in-all, a fairly great weekend.

Tomorrow: I start my new job.

I am super nervous about it. I’m worried about being late and riding a bus and the metro to and from work. We’ll see.

And, I need to pick an outfit and I’ve gained 15 pounds.

On a positive note though, I’ve already packed my lunch for tomorrow. All 12 points of snacks and lunch.

Go me!