After a rather brief “break” to get myself together…


I told myself that I had to re-up with WW’s by the end of the month and I was feeling the itch to get on with things towards the end of last week. So, I gathered myself and went back to a meeting Sunday at 12:30. I had the receptionist start me fresh in a new book with a new 5% and 10% goals.

It feels wonderful to have a clean start.

In other news, I’ve started working out with one of my coworkers. She is a certified personal trainer and also teaches at the local college. She’s kind of taken me under her wing and offered to work with me. Believe me, she’s pretty intense! I burned over 130 calories in under 7 minutes yesterday (according to my heart rate monitor!). I was surprised.

She asked me what my goals were for working out, whether it was a number on the scale or to tone or something like that. I’ve been thinking about my ultimate goals and I think that I would love to be at a healthy weight (BMI) and to be stronger overall. We are going to chat about it tomorrow!

So… New things are happening here!

And 8 days until PC moves in! I’m so excited!