This weekend  I traveled to Lancaster and then to Williamsport.

I. Am. Tired. Of. Driving.

I had an appointment Friday afternoon and then immediately trekked to PC to help pack up the house since he is moving down here next Saturday. I can’t wait!

But I hate driving. And moving. And everything that goes along with it.

And I missed my kitten.

I drove all the way home today. Actually, past home and directly to Virginia to meet up with a friend from college.

We met at the LUSH store. OMG. I love, love, love LUSH.

If you have one near you, please go!

I love that their products are natural and have no preservatives. I have seriously never had such great hair before using their solid shampoo. I love that I can go away for a weekend and all I have to pack is a bar of shampoo. I can use it on my hair, body, even as a shaving cream. AWESOME.

Today was a special event where if you RSVPed, you got a free bath bomb. Then, if you spent $40, you got a free gift package worth about $30. Believe me, I had NO trouble spending $40.

I ended up getting some new bath bombs including their new one with pop rocks and glitter! I also got one for PC that is a blue robot (what do we think the probability of him using it is? I vote low). I also got new conditioner, a massage bar (peach–PC loves peach!), a mud bath moisture bar, a bath scrub bar, some new shower gel, a soap slice, and more!

It’s awesome. I love when the holidays roll around and I can get bath bombs shaped like snowmen and other holiday shapes.

Seriously, check out: You won’t regret it!